The helicycle

Technical Description and Performance

Single Seat Helicopter
Experimental Category
Two Blade Main Rotor/ Two Blade Tail Rotor

Overall length             19’ to Cabin Nose,  23-1/2’ to Blade Tip
Cabin Width               28”
Cabin Height              48”
LG Skid Width           54”
Rotor Height               7’2”
Main Rotor Dia           20’10”
Tail Rotor Dia             44”

Power                         Modified T62-T32 Turbine 100hp
Fuel                            JetA, Diesel, Kerosene
Fuel Capacity              16 gal. Stock, 21 gal with Auxiliary Tank
Seat Capacity              1 person
Empty Weight             530lbs
Gross Weight              900lbs
Main Rotor Speed       615 rpm
Tail Rotor Speed         3000 rpm

Normal Cruise            95mph
Max Airspeed             110mph
Rate of Climb             900fpm
Hover O.G.E              8500ft DA
Range w/ Reserve       100 mi Stock, 150 mi with Auxiliary Tank
Fuel Consumption      13gph (average)

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