Kit Pricing

The kits generally include everything but paint & upholstery, instruments, radios, electrical, and some fuel system components (tanks are included). We do have optional kits for many of these items.

 Basic kits are $72,000 (including engine/gearbox).  Kits may be purchased in as many as 9 stages although the recommendation is 4 stages to minimize shipping costs.

Add $12,000 for the fast build option

 Engines (T-62-32 Turbine) have a couple of options:  

  • Service Limits Overhaul  – included
  • Fully overhauled to new limits, add $8,000
  • Fuel Controller Inspected and refurbished as needed – included
  • Overhauled – add $4,000
  • Owner supplied engine/Controller – deduct $8,000

 At the completion of your ship we provide a factory check pilot who will inspect the construction, make the final engine and governor adjustments, and complete assembly of the rotor head, track and balance the rotor system, and conduct the first flights to ensure the ship is operating properly. That is a typically a 5 day activity.

 Kits are available in two forms, standard and fast build. The fast build option is the most popular selection. It speeds up the build process and eliminates many of the construction errors that we commonly see.  A $5000 deposit ($4,000 of which is refundable) will secure a kit reservation.  The kit will be shipped complete when it is assembled and ready to go.  Shipping and crating charges are, of course, extra.

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