Our Story

Helicycle Ventures is the next evolution of the vision created by BJ Schramm.  BJ’s vision was the creation of a personal single seat helicopter that is both inexpensive to build and operate and offers a higher degree of performance and safety than is generally available in the market.  The Helicycle is that ship and it is our mission to carry that vision forward into the future.

Situated in the high desert of New Mexico, Helicycle Ventures has progressed forward under new leadership into the next generation of the ship’s design and construction.  With input and guidance from our builder and owner community, as well as my own experience in building and operating a Helicycle, we have made important improvements to the kits and their construction.  The result is a better ship, stronger and both easier and faster to build.  As much as I love my Generation 5 ship, the new kit is hands-down better in every way.

The builder and owner community is an extremely tight knit group with a pool of amazingly talented individuals.  Always ready to help with hands or guidance, I have never experienced such a strong bond among a builder group.  I feel privileged to be a part of the brotherhood of Helicycle builders.

You are going to love the ship and just as important, the friendships that will develop.


Keith Southard

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